Where i can i get e, coke,& heroin?!

Question: Where i can i get e, coke,& heroin?
Uh health project..ya..


Find a dopehead..ask him/her for there dealer.

Your an idiot if you want to try heroin.
You try it once and your hooked.
I look down on your for wanting to try it when so many people struggle with addiction, it's taught in schools, it's in magazines, you know the risks, but your flaunting the fact you want to try it on the internet.
Why not just put a billboard on the side of the road asking for your dealers address with a picture of yourself?
Good luck in narcotics anonymous.

ahhhhhhh, your an idiot mate, i think a acc rofled abit when i seen this xD your so dumb


Ask the policeman.

There is a woman around the corner from my sons house that sells crack. Want her address?

Enjoy your short life

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