What are you drinking right now?!

Question: What are you drinking right now?
Warm tea for me!


Hi Sweet Grandma,
Nothing right now,still eating dinner..Hot coffee afterwords..
Your Friend,


LOL. A margarita as a matter of fact, How did you know?? That is uncanny! My first of the day. Mixed it and sat down to Yahoo Answers. Busted! LMFAO

Warm Tea Also!

Just got done palying edward forty hands and now opeing another 40 :D

Purified water

711 coffee

about 3 ounces of the glenlivet scotch whiskey on the rocks

400 pound monkey ipa

Iced tea..

Only water..but WISH i had a margarita..blended with salt!


Summer Brew

Wild Blue lager.

Fruit Punch

coffee milk...mmmmmmmm


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