I went out last night and some black woman slapped me for no reason WTF?!

Question: I went out last night and some black woman slapped me for no reason WTF?
Well I was with my best mate we was elwalling threw town to get a taxi home and some bird came and chatted to me I can't remember what we told each other but this black woman and her mate Starr gobbing of at me and me mate and I stuck up for us and I told them to f off then they both got in me face and saying yo blood ya wanna watch ya mouth i told the black woman to f off back to London considering to Londoner language then I got a slap for me trouble I didn't anything just knocked it on it on the head and walked away now massive bruise on me cheek any advice


You tolerated her by talking back to her. In other situations like this walk away and be the bigger person :)

not one single full stop or comma used. I would say there was a class of the egos and it would of been safer to just of kept silent. ewalling? walking?

She was probably drunk and a slapper so she slapped you.

Anarchy in the UK, man.

Drinking + Punk Rock

she hit you because she didnt want you to talk back to her.

wtf is elwalling?

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