How much vodka do I need to get buzzed?!

Question: How much vodka do I need to get buzzed?
I'm 5'4", 110 lbs. I'm turning 21 but only want to get buzzed on my birthday. I've drank once before, 3 glasses of wine and got almost drunk, to the point of passing out, but not enough to throw up. I don't want to be drunk enough to pass out, instead just buzzed. How many shots ****mixed with juice or sprite**** will get me buzzed?


Probably only one shot. Maybe two.

Of course, there's no way to be certain because people react differently to difference types of alcohol. You're best shot is to space out your drinks so that you know how they're affecting you before you have more.

I'm a bit shorted and a little heavier and 1 good stiff one gets me a happy buzz :)

4 or 5

everyone is different..but u can try 5 shots

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