Vaporizer-Under $100 looking for the best quality one?!

Question: Vaporizer-Under $100 looking for the best quality one?
Looking for one for more 'bang for my buck' xD.
Please and ty for replying :)


Most of the ones under 100$ don't have reliable heating elements and don't have the ability to maintain the temperature during use. The ones that do maintain temp, are often too hot and burn when you start using , then cool down and are usable for a few seconds, then can't maintain the temperature for the next user.

Usually when you meet someone who says they tried a vaporizer and it didn't work, they used one of the cheap knockoffs or a vaporizer that has failed. The better ones have warranties and The Original repairs theirs cheaply after the warranty period or offers a sweet deal on a newer one if they can't repair a really old one.

All of the hose/box style ones that are under 100$ are knockoffs of The Original and most of them suck bad. The plastic ones smell of burning plastic. The ones with the digital display look like they should work, but they spent the money on the display which is unnecessary and less on the electrics and heating element. The DaBuddah works well, they've been making them almost as long as The Original.

A couple of the portables work ok, The Magic Flight produces a clean inhale, and comes in under 100 , as does the vapor genie and the vape or smoke. They don't produce the super clean tasting inhales as the standard vap, but they work.

Sorry but the least expensive vaporizers are $100. The famous Volcano is around $600 depending on digital or analog.

any vaporizer retail site.

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