What does a lambic taste like?!

Question: What does a lambic taste like?
I've had just about every kind of ale and lager but I've never had a lambic.

What do they taste like? Is a fruit lambic closer to a wine(cooler) or a beer?


Depends on the style. A gueuze is mouth puckering sour with strong carbonation. Fruit lambics are overly sweet and fruity. Faro lambics are sugary. Unblended lambics are moderately sour and little to no carbonation

HEAVEN. I love lambics. Well, I love all types of Belgian beers, actually. Lambics are flavored with a fruit taste, like raspberry or apricot. They taste closer to a beer as they still have a bit of a yeasty taste, yet they are sweeter. Definitely not like a wine cooler. They are wonderful - try a good, raspberry lambic.

Usually sourish. Fruit lambic is a beer but is heavily flavoured with fruit; it's nothing like a wine (it's fizzy, to start with). Try one and see.

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