Blueberry smirnoff vodka?!

Question: Blueberry smirnoff vodka?
How is it? Can you sip it? If not does it taste good with sprite?


Blueberry smirnoff vodka is still essentially pure vodka, and comes in weighing at 35% alc. While it is in my opinion much, much smoother than straight vodka, the average person will still have quite some trouble sipping it, as the burn is most certainly still there. If you do plan to drink it straight, it's definitely more of a shot-oriented drink. I haven't tried mixing the blueberry smirnoff with sprite yet but I have mixed many of the other flavours with it and it usually turns out quite well, even straight vodka mixes well with sprite.

Enjoy your vodka and drink responsibly.


I'm not an expert on alcohol, but it tastes totally gross to me. It tastes the same as the regular smirnoff vodka, so I wouldn't sip it. I've tried the peach one and the raspberry one as well. To me, they all taste the same. Having some pop with it would definitely make it tastes better if you plan to sip it. Or maybe like a berry juice?

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