Really yummy, fruity alcoholic drink, not too expensive?!

Question: Really yummy, fruity alcoholic drink, not too expensive?
Have a recipe?


Malibu Mango. Freaking delicious lol.

Gasolina (= their alcoholic beverages, cocktails. Made in PR, recently started selling in FL. They come in 200 mL capri-sun like aluminum pouches with straws inside. Good stuff, they run at about $12 for a 10 pack. Come in 6 flavors. 1. Original 2. Sangria 3. Mojito 4. Pink martini 5. Seabreeze 6. Tu madras.

buy plain stuff is fine
a 2 liter bottle of fanta orange
2 packets or kool aid ( any flavors you like)

empty the 2 liter up to the lable and fill with vodka. mix in kool aid packets (be careful it will bubble over so add slowly)
mix together and drink up!!

it tasts JUST like a sweet tart

I like Arbor Mist wines all except Blackberry it not too good.

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