Do people say the truth when they are drunk?!

Question: Do people say the truth when they are drunk?
like everytime i go out with my really close guy friend of mine who by the way i really really like and i know he fancies me too but we are both really scared to make the first move so we both just ignore it and just be best mates. but when we have a few too drink it all comes out..we both just get really touchy touchy and flirt and basiaclly get really effectionate with each other to the point where he ends up telling me he loves me and how im so hot and how im his number 1 girl etc etc and also he asks me to try him LOL...(someting i know he b=never admit when he is sober) so is he telling the truth??


yep its the truth

A lot of people think they do, but I know a lot of people, myself included, who have said some crazy things while drunk and not meant them, or not even believed them. I think it all depends on what is happening, and who it is and what their history is like when they get drunk.

I think you need to get the courage up and have a talk with your friend when you are both sober and say this is what you tell em when you are drinking, Do you really feel this way? Because I feel the same about you.

being in a long successful relationship

Most of the time yeah, Some may called it drunk talk or something but its easier to tell the truth sometimes when your drunk rather bieng sober in some situations.

The truth always comes out when your drunk and also, I was bestfreinds with this guy, we started dating and two years later we are still together... :)

Alcohol lowers inhibitions so they will say what they really believe. If they are talking about things that make no sense well a hospital might be in order.

Most of the time yes, they also remember stuff when they get drunk again

thats what they say but its not always true. when i get drunk i get stupid and say things that i dont mean. but im a straight forward person and say what im thinking

When they aren't blabbering BS they might.

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