Waking up still stoned, How to get it to go away?!

Question: Waking up still stoned, How to get it to go away?
I know I shouldn't be smoking but last night was my 2nd time. I couldn't remember much of the first experience so I tried it a second time a couple weeks later. So last night I was pretty much gone and its the most I ever smoked. It was the stripiest experience ive ever had. All the lighting in my room was sparkly. I felt like I was dreaming and couldn't wake up. It wasn't extreamly pleasant in my opinion but still an interesting experience once you get past all the paranoia. I have a huge problem with that when I smoke too much apparantly.

Anyway I can still feel the effects. Obviously not as bad but im assuming since it was only my second time I can still feel it. Last night was the highest ive ever gotten so far. I'm not really planning on doing this anymore. As I really just don't enjoy it that much. Its just one of those things for me that you try once or twice for the experience and then its done. Anyway. Back to the point. What can I do to make the high go away? Its fading away really slowly and I didn't expect that when people talk about marijuana. Its obviously just cause im a first timer. Also on a side note I got the marijuana from the pharmacy cause my friend has a prescription for it here in Califonria. So there is no way it was laced if you were gonna say that. I'm just not used to it is all..


Happens all the time to me, just sit back and enjoy the ride, and to the first answer ^^ he's not a burnout, he just knows how to have fun, so don't judge him, and stoners, sure we smoke pot, but we don't do bad things, we just love

All you can do is wait. Drink water to flush your system and just chill! Keep yourself occupied so your mind is off it. That's all I got.


watch a movie...and enjoy it.

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