Cure for hangovers.......?!

Question: Cure for hangovers.......?
ANYTHING! anything that has worked for you...i didnt even drink much, i swear the older i get the worse the hangovers are.


I have a bad one myself today after last night. Drink gatorade and water and something unhealthy like a burger.

OK. Listen to all those people saying WATER!!! Because a hangover is just basically withdrawal from alcohol and dehydration.

Some other cures that people swear by:

greasy food (fried breakfast food, like eggs and sausage, etc., or fast food hamburgers/pizza/etc.)

ONE beer or drink ("hair of the dog"), and NO MORE, or you'll be working on another hangover tomorrow.


exercise (sweat it out)

I once heard a few old guys in a German restaurant say that they knew people who ate dog lard (rendered/boiled dog fat) for a hangover. That's one I've never tried.

I find that eating healthy stuff and drinking plenty of water is the best thing--although it's not always what your body's craving when it's hungover.

Sorry, Dude. Good luck with the hangover. Will we ever learn?!?!

Chicken soup with lots of chicken skin is great because the fat from the chicken lines your intestines and stomach. Once the intestines and stomach is lined with the fat cells from the chicken they will be rested and you won't be as hung over. That is why its best to eat greasy foods before drinking and after drinking.

Add ice to your last nights drink (still no mixing liquors from night be-fore's drink) and go get an early breakfast so you can go and nap it off (take asprin before bed and blood thinner when you wake up).... and hopefully its SATURDAY ... and being young and viral helps ... OR just smoke a bowl and watch tv

tabasco sauce and tomato juice ??? way over my head

If you have to do stuff, those Amp energy drinks work for me.
If you dont have to do stuff...smoke a bowl

Drink water, sleep, roll one, take a valum, and a aspirin. And the best for last.... Don't drink as much

Drink water and dont drink again, ever <--- Do it, dont drink, ruin your life

drink tons of water

drink one beer and it will go away

Sleep first. Awareness when you wake up.

smoke a bowl.

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