Should i ask my mom if i can drink alcohol?!

Question: Should i ask my mom if i can drink alcohol?
am 15 and am doing a little night with my friends at my house. Sadly my mom will be there... Well,i dont wanna go outside till she goes to bed.Also she thinks I never got drunk... and if she says yes,
should i ask her about drinking in the house? not besides her i mean where were going to party kinda


You should deffinatly ask you mum :)
If you promise not to drink too much im sure she will be fine with it :)
If she says no then your just going to have to accept that but if you drink behind her back the chances are she will find out and you will get in trouble and your mum will most likely think she cant trust you and stop you drinking on future occasions :)
Do what i did with my mum and build up her trust promise not to drink any more than a certain amount and stick to it to show you can be responsible with drink :)
also its best to let her know incase anything happens as if somone drinks too much and is ill your mum will be on hand to help :)
Hope this helped :) xx

My Brain

It is not a bad idea to find out what it is like to get a bit drunk at home, with permission, so as to make sure that you do not make a fool of yourself in public.

yeah,you need ask befor you drinking.

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