What drink should I buy for a guy?!

Question: What drink should I buy for a guy?
Girls, if you were going to pay for a round of drinks, what would you buy?
The answer 'another round of whatever they're already having' isn't too helpful.
Thanks a lot!


It depends on who you are buying for!

Not all men like beer - but the majority do!

If you can see what they have been drinking previously, and if it was beer, then buy that again because you can't go wrong!

If they've been drinking wine, perhaps buy wine for them again, but maybe another variety this time? If it was a red they were drinking, maybe try a white or a different type of red.

You can also sometimes gauge what a man drinks by how he acts and dresses. If he dresses well and looks more.. sophisticated? than other men.. chances are he may like a scotch on the rocks or a scotch and coke.. something along those lines. Maybe not a beer.

Or.. you could just ask.. so, what sort of beer do you like?! whatever he says, buy it!

Bar attendant - pretty good at picking what drinks people will buy!

If he drinks dark hennessy or remy,light ciroc or grey goose never no cheap stuff or he probably have a bar fight

Whatever kind of beers he likes, go buy him some.

I would definitely buy a round of beers!

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