Will this level of alcohol reduce my lifespan?!

Question: Will this level of alcohol reduce my lifespan?
I drink 3 bottles every weekend will this reduce my lifespan? P.S. the bottles are of wine, champagne, occasional smirnoff vodka (small bottle) and sweet cocktails like Alize, Nuvo and Tequila rose how long will I live at this pace? P.S. I do not drink all three at one go on the weekend but have one three nights in a row then when the week comes I have no alcohol at all till friday.


You have issues, serious issues. You've been given advice countless times but instead of taking the advice you just re post again. What the hell is wrong with you? I'm reporting you again. There is no way these posts are real you have got to be a troll looking for attention because if you're not you must be mentally unstable. If people don't know what i mean, have a look at all her previous questions,

The recommended maximum for men is 4 standard drinks per day. For women it is 2 standard drinks per day.

One standard drink contains 10 grams of alcohol, and is equivalent to one ordinary beer, a small glass of wine (100 mls) or a nip of spirits (30 mls).

More than 6 standard drinks per day for men, and 4 standard drinks for women, is known to cause harm.

This should answer your question.


honestly i highly doubt it. theres been a study that people that drink one glass of wine every day just to relax is actually good. since wine is created by grapes it wont harm your body n from what i have read from u, u seam to b in good shape. just dont drink hard liquir n just make sure u eat right.

lol god dam alcoholics... yeah its probably not doing you good. keep this up, you'll need a liver transplant. doesn't mean that you wont live as long as other people. unless you dont get that transplant in time, that is.

yes. all drugs will lower ur life span DURRR

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