how long does hard liquor last?!

Question: How long does hard liquor last?
ive been at my brothers this week while he is away and i found a box full of hard liquor. i asked him about it and he has no clue and said i could feel free to have some. there opened, and at least a few years old. would it be ok, safety and health wise to drink it if its like 10 years old open vodka? thanks


It's fine.

That's what is so great bout liquor---It's good when you buy it, and it's better when someone gives it to you.

Enjoy---it lasts a long time.

Distilled spirits last indefinitely, although contrary to the other poster, they do not improve (or get worse) with age.

Alcohol gets better as it ages.

whereas, alcohol is a toxin:

it cant' 'go bad' !

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