How long before driving? Drink question?!

Question: How long before driving? Drink question?
I am a 150 pounds no fat with good metabolism, monthly drinker.
18 years old (legal age where I live) Im about between 5.5 and 6 feet tall
If I have 4 0.05 beers. How long would it take for me to get back to legal driving?
0.08 overestimate a little bit just to make sure
Also like to mention I will be walking around for hours and eating fatty food.


I was told back in drivers ed (at the age of 14) haha silly montanans, to give each drink one hour to pass through your system. One drink would be a 12 oz beer, an 8 oz glass of wine, or a shot of hard liquor. They told me that was the safest way to go. Its always worked for me! Happy drinking!

For every beer you have it stays in your system for at least 24 hours.So you must wait 96 hours or 4 days before driving again legally whether you are drunk or not well you shouldn't be drunk after for days.
Makes you think about driving the next day after a few rounds with the mates... doesn't it?
And I'm only 13.

I always used to give it 24 hours just to be sure. Even the next morning you can still be over the limit and you don't want to take a chance for your own and everybody else's sake.

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