Kinda lame question? What's kool aid?!

Question: Kinda lame question? What's kool aid?
I heard alot about it but I am not sure what it is(never seen it here in egypt) so my question is what is Kool Aid?


it is a type of drink. you put it in water and stir it up and drink it. and some people even dye their hair with it. just boil some water and add whatever color kool aid you want and then soak your hair in it for five minutes. It`ll turn the color of the kool aid!

It's a drink made my taking powder (which is the kook aid) and putting it into water and mixing it to make a sort of juice drink (mainly aimed towards kids).

Flavors include grape, fruit punch, blue raspberry, and tons more.

It is a powdered sugary fruit flavored drink. It comes in many different flavors. You take one packet of Kool-Aid mix, one cup of sugar and mix with 2 quarts of water to make a pitcher of flavored drink.

It's a powder that mixes with water to make a sweet fruit flavored drink. There are a lot of flavors of Kool Ade, and some come already sweetened, others require adding sugar.

- Stuart

OMG BEST DRINK EEVVVVEEERRR!!! its like water and this sugarey stuff mixed together and BAM its kool aid!!!! its kinda like a punch... soooo yummy!!

me... i love kool aid... :) i like the red kind! :D

It's a drink, famous for it's mascot (a giant, walking pitcher with red kool-aid inside him; he says AWW YEAH with a slightly ebonic accent at times) and being simple to make (powder+water)

you can buy it in powdered form and mix it with water and it becomes a flavored drink.. kind of like Tang but it has different flavors

It's a drink. It's sold in a bottle but also in powder packets and cans that you mix with water.


sugar, water, purple. (or green, blue, purple, red, etc.)

It's like powdered fruit punch lol for kids

Its a sugary comes in all different flavors

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