So I wanna get wasted but I'm tired and I dont wanna pass out...?!

Question: So I wanna get wasted but I'm tired and I dont wanna pass out...?
Should I drink coffee I love coffee btw or wat? Lol


Def dont drink coffee it will make you nauseated and plus you will just feel tired a couple hours after...What I've done before was take a 5hour energy shot and wait like 15min then started drinking.
It really works and why I say wait 15min is because the **** tastes really bad and I let it sit on my stomach before I put anything else harsh in it

go to bed and drink another time when you aren't already tired.

jagerboms, 4 lokos, anything with caffeine will get you going.

i've noticed that even if i'm tired once I get a buzz I'll be good to go for the night, or at least part of the night


Four Loko, or Red Bull and vodka!
Or just pull a Charlie Sheen and score a 7 gram rock!
Haha jk, don't do coke.

four locko grape its great 12% 2 cans will do the trick for me is a energy drink too

Don't get wasted -_-

Go to sleep, fool!

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