alcoholic blood?????!

Question: Alcoholic blood?????
i am a vampire and if i drink a drunk guys blood will i get drunk?


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It depends on the mythology you exist in. In White Wolf Publishing's "Vampire: the Masquerade" series of RPGs you can, depending on whether or not you take certain Merits. I can't speak much on "Vampire: the Requiem" since I don't play it. In the Dungeons and Dragons mythology, it's not touched on, but I would assume not, going off of the usually very high Constitution and Fortitude scores for vampires. Of course, as with any RPG, your mileage always varies by what your Storyteller/Dungeon Master allows.

In the Dusk 'til Dawn mythology, it seems that vampires are affected by alcohol normally, as well as the Buffy: the Vampire Slayer mythology. However, in traditional vampiric mythology, it is never mentioned. Anne Rice seems to agree with the "vampires affected by alcohol normally" camp.

What, you thought you weren't gonna get a good answer?

Yes. Have you ever heard the saying "There`s too much blood in my alcohol system!" Tho as a vampire you would have to drink ALOT of blood to get drunk. But why all the hassel with drinking the blood to get drunk? DITCH THE MIDDLE MAN AND DRINK VODKA FROM A GLASS! Thats how I tend to get drunk.

I know a few vampires. Or people who claim to be vampires.

first of are NOT a vampire. maybe an Edward wanna be...get real!

second of all....why would you be drinking a guys blood???? are you female???? or are you gay???

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