Living on a vineyard?!

Question: Living on a vineyard?
I have a few questions about living on a vineyard. I imagine it would be like living on any other plantation, with your house on the land, but what sort of jobs do you do when living on a vineyard? Do you store the wine you make in a basement or separate building? Can you give me some detail please.

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There are many jobs on a vineyard.

The owner spends most of his/her time promoting the vineyard and the wine. They may not even be home most of the time, or may spend most of the time "entertaining" customers and investors when they are home.

There is a person who deals with the care and health of the vines. Their job starts in late winter when they trim the vines and begin training them for the amount of grapes they will yield. This person is lucky enough to spend most of the year out of doors watching over the plants. They may have an entire staff depending on the size of the vineyard.

There is a person who is in charge of the harvest, and may or may not be in charge of the wine making as well. They decide when the grapes are brought in and will supervise the initial maceration.

There is a person who is in charge of creating the wine from the smooshed grapes. They oversee the fermentation in large vats that are housed in their own buildings. This person may have a large staff of people.

When the fermentation is ready, it is put into large casks, which are wooden barrels, to age in a completely different set of building or cellars. The person who fermented the wine may also be in charge of the aging, or it may be another expert who monitors the storage environment and who decides when the wine is ready to bottle.

Other people who work at a vineyard may include day labor to pick the bunches from the vines, coopers who make the barrels (if the barrels are not purchased), and the staff that bottles the wine and sterilizes the equipment. There will also be tour guides and staff who serve customers who tour the vineyard.

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