whats moderate drinking of alcohol?!

Question: Whats moderate drinking of alcohol?

Not more than 90 ml a day, preferably well diluted and hygenic snacks.Mostly in these snacks only the harm lies.

moderate drinking is dat yu feel drowzy but yu are in control...it is dificult to define wats moderate for yu..it is only known to..becoz few go on high for 2 pegs and few dont feel good untill they take 4..in my case 4 pegs are moderate,if it gets above 6 den im on high...hope yu got me

A glass of beer or a glass of wine or thirty ml of spirits.

Not drinking till you are blacked out meaning moderate drinking is knowing your limits.

Come home from work, sit in front of the t.v. and drink a 6 pack seems like a typical moderate drinking night to me.

1 or 2
you decide the units

5-15 a day


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