what is your favorite tv show to watch while drinking some beers?!

Question: What is your favorite tv show to watch while drinking some beers?
1. the king of queens (kevin james is HILLARIOUS)
2. Man vs Food
3. Diners, Drive In's, and Dives


I like all the shows you listed but if I was sitting around drinking to Man Vs Food I would be fat as a house! lol I like watching the adult cartoons like family guy, the simpsons, and south park.

Any sitcom or reality show where I don't have to think to hard, like "Married With Children" or "The Bachelor." Or something silly like SNL. I agree, "The King of Queens" is a good one.

if i had to choose from those options, definitely man vs food. personally i love a good beer while watching Weeds on showtime

American commercials. Specifically food commercials. Not only for the fat content but for the sheer stupidity.

Got some time? Since 1957 many a show. Lets compromise on 1 per week.

P.S. Those you mention, I never heard of.

I'd like watch some comedies or action movies, because they make the atmosphere hot, and people can chat more over them.


Man vs. Food all the way!

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