Is this heavy drinking or moderate?!

Question: Is this heavy drinking or moderate?
Is 1 liter of Alize Rose in one night drank over 5-6 hours on a Friday night heavy drinking or moderate?


Change your screen name, thats why no one in here is taking you seriously. I knew women who would drink whole bottles of this stuff in high school its just like a weaker version of MD/2020 and I see college kids put 3 of those back easily. But seriously people in this section aren't going to answer your question seriously with a screen name like that, almost makes it seem like its funny until you actually get cirrhosis and die. I drink every night and I'm a heavy drinker but I don't go around bragging about how I'm an alcoholic or how I "hate my liver". Its extremely juvenile and its bad karma for the future. Sorry I'm probably coming off as a douche I would answer your question regardless of your name. But theres a lot of underage kids who come in this section as well people may think you're one of them and this is not a Health Clinic this is just an online answer forum.

It depends: is "Friday night" last Friday night, or every Friday night?

Drinking a liter of any alcohol isn't moderate. It's heavy. Alize Rose has a relatively low alcohol content, but nonetheless, I think a liter in one night is a lot.

Even if you do this only once a week, feeling the need to do it every week is a sign of a problem.

One liter of alize rose which is only 20% of vodka would only be heavy drinking if drank over a short period of time. Since your drinking it through out the night, the alcohol wouldn't get to you as good as having a lot in one go.


i would say heavy. you should stop, i knew someone who drank a lot and they never acted the same, i miss my old friend, but he wouldn't give up the bottle. you don't have to completely stop, but just drink less.

really this is moderate drinking because drinking 1liter is common in one night.

An "ample sufficiency" would be a good description

Any drinking is heavy. I'm getting tired of your stupid posts about Alize.

That's kind of a lot. Between a friend not so much.

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