I am wanting to buy a bottle of Felino vina cobos 2009 Mendoza, Argentina wine?!

Question: I am wanting to buy a bottle of Felino vina cobos 2009 Mendoza, Argentina wine?
I live in Edinburgh and really needing to find a bottle of this for an anniversary present for a very special persons birthday....please help!!


Vina Cobos has a fair range of wines, and from what I can tell the Felino range is their entry level. However, they have Felino Cabernet Sauvignon, Felino Chardonnay and Felino Malbec.
I am taking it that you have tried the usual Sainsburys and the like, so would suggest you try some of the independents. There is Henderson Wines at Comiston Rd, Woodwinters at Newington, Villeneuve on Broughton St, Peter Green in Marchmont, Raeburn's in Stockbridge, Edinburgh Wine merchants in Stockbridge, Cornelius over at Easter Rd and Great Grog at both Bonnington Rd and by the Commonwealth Pool. Rather than trapsing round I would try calling them first and asking.
However, if you have access to a car or something then hop out to The Fine Wine Company in either Portobello or Musselburgh since they do actually stock the wines.

Live in Edinburgh

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