How high is the risk to die from alcohol overdose?!

Question: How high is the risk to die from alcohol overdose?
I'm going out tonight and I've been dared to drink a whole bottle of neat vodka (the smaller size) would it be too dangerous? =\\



Depends on your body. YOUR liver is an individual, and if it's never dealt with ETOH and you drink alot, you're going to have a problem.

We see it all the time in the ER... Some (usually male) guy is DUMPED OFF AT THE CURB by his buddies unconscious, with puke all over him... and we have to figure out what happened. We put in a LARGE bore IV to give him fluids, then put a LARGE catheter in his wee-wee and wait for him to wake up. In the meantime we take blood and urine samples, and test him for alcohol and drugs. When his parents show up we give THEM the results, because usually the patient is under 21, and unconscious, so legally we HAVE TO.

The friends NEVER show up to claim him or give his so-caught a** a ride home, or any support at all.

We take BETS on how high his alcohol level is before it comes from the lab.
No joke.

ER nurse, 14 years

Alcohol is actually a poison. It is a fairly weak one, and the body can tolerate a certain amount of it. In fact, a very small amount (1oz) might actually be good for you (expert opinions vary).

Your body can generally process 1 oz per hour. Drinking very quickly usually results in the body recognizing it is being poisoned, so, it vomits out the poison. However, if your body does absorb a fair bit beforehand (i.e., you are very drunk), your body does not react to the poison, and, you die instead. The risk is a lot higher than people think, especially for new drinkers, for whom the body has not built up a tolerance. Young people, in drinking contests, are the most common victims of alcohol poisoning.

Something else to worry about is if you drink enough for your body to be sick to the point of at least vomiting. The problem would be if your body decided to do this while you are intoxicated and asleep. I knew someone who died in their sleep because they were on their back when they threw up and everyone else was also sound asleep. I don't know how much she drank, it was after a celebration and party. It was terrible though.

Even if you aren't killing yourself right away from some overdose something can still happen so try to be smart about it.

I think you'll be alright as long as you don't drink more then that, you will be very drunk probably,, like unable to walk kinda drunk. Just don't freak out and make sure your friends are good friends.

I first started drinking at 13 years old and started with strong stuff lol, me and my friend used to drink a big bottle of cognac (1 liter) just the two of us and finish it in like 30 mins. Some wild times lol

Risk of alcohol overdose depends on several factors:

1) Your height/weight.

2) The amount and % of alcohol.

3) How quickly you drink it.

4) The contents of your stomach (and where they end up).

5) How much of a tolerance for alcohol you have built up.

As far as how dangerous it is - you have to make that call.

I heard how many people in the US die every year from alcohol overdose, but I cannot remember the number anymore. When I did hear it, it surprised me. I remember that. I had a brother who died that way in 1990 at the age of 29.

If its like the 375ml bottle go for it no probs, 700, 750m bottle not such a good idea

sure. it is danger because it will effect to your small intestine.

Do it PUSSY!

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