Can I drink tap water?!

Question: Can I drink tap water?
It's a disgusting thought I know. I usually buy bottled water that I get flown in from france but I don't have any on hand at the time. I am really thirsty and I need to stick to my water diet so will tap water destroy my impeccable health?


Are you serious? You are either a troll or there is something wrong with you.
You usually buy bottled water flown in from France. Who the hell is this, Kim Kardashian? Paris Hilton? Get a grip, dude.
Tap water is safe. You can drink it. If you live in an area that has had a water warning, like after a storm that affects the local reservoirs, you can pour some tap water into a pan and boil it then let it cool off and later put it in the refrigerator and cool it off so that its more pleasant tasting cold.
Your impeccable physical health is not the concern here. I think its your mental health. You sound like you have a brain aneurysm.

tap water is perfectly fine for you.
unless you live in some 3rd world country, or developing.
its actually been shown that bottled water can be worse than tap water, look it up.

tap water is filtered over 50 times.

Yes, you can drink tap water. As long as it's not brown, you should be good.

I wouldn't unless it was a last resource. did you know all water is recycled that goes through the sewage systems; so the more purified the better!

If I really believed you have water flown in from France I would answer this.


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