Is it safe to drink 19 year old brandy?!

Question: Is it safe to drink 19 year old brandy?
k so i have this bottle of brandy that was opened 19 years ago and a little bit was drinked, since then it hasn't been touched, is it safe to drink it?


Ignore all the other posters.

Distilled spirits don't change once bottled. The only difference that you may notice is a slightly more intense flavor than a bottle you buy today, due to evaporation. It's not a better or worse product than it was when bottled 19 years ago.

I'm a sommelier.

would you really want to drink an open bottle of "anything" after almost 20 years ?

it would be pretty strong lol there are people who have wine opened for 50 years or longer and they drink it so like i said its okie just might be strong or odd tasting

Might taste funny, but as long as it was closed tightly it should be fine.

yes it is


DRINK THAT SON OF A ******! :)

If you want to die drink it

you are a lucky man that u have got such a great thing in ur hand. Just drink it and enjoy.

sure why not

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