How do I make my voice stay normal when I'm drunk?!

Question: How do I make my voice stay normal when I'm drunk?
Whenever I'm drunk my voice gets super high and it pisses me off. How do I stop it from doing that?


Drink slower it'll help u keep all your bodily functions under control.

when i drink and sing i try to be my self at all times. Try working on ur high and low pitches then work them into sweet sounds to the ears. It dont come over night. It took alot for me but it pays off in the end.

sing along with music u like pretty soon ull be sing without it. Was i helpful in any way

When you're not drunk you're able to suppress your effeminate tendencies, alcohol reduces your inhibitions and your true self emerges.

Well bro you can't control it intentionally, it comes naturally. So dude drink as much as you can take. With time your capacity will grow. Cheers

drink until you stop caring. If you care, you're not drunk enough.

Don't drink this the best method with which your voice can stay normal.

1. do not drink anymore

2. Throat punch.

Keep your mouth shut.

Smoke weed instead?

control yourself and go to sleep

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