Does tobacco give a frequent smoker a buzz?!

Question: Does tobacco give a frequent smoker a buzz?
Do people who smoke daily experience a buzz from tobacco, or do they no longer feel it if they smoke frequently enough? I smoke cigarettes, cigars, or hookahs once every 1-2 weeks, and I feel a very strong buzz each time, especially if I'm drunk.

And if you plan on telling me how dangerous it is to smoke, don't bother. I'm in no danger of getting addicted and half a cigarette every other week isn't going to hurt anyone.


Not very often, I've been a smoker for years, and the buzz really only happens if I have gone a long time without a cigarette, like if I go to bed early without one and then wait a few hours in the morning before having one. If you smoke often, you won't experience it, you will really only get irritable if you haven't had one for a while.

if youre smoking half a cigarette every other week, then why bother smoking at all??
theres really no point to it.

to answer your question, i'm going to go with everyone's answer and say that if you smoke frequently, you wont catch a buzz at all, not unless you smoke another one afterwards (which if the smoker is not used to) or if you go long without it (for instance, sleeping a lot and then waking up to that first cigarette in the morning.)

ya i was a frequent smoker for a few months. Now only once a month. but ya only in the morning, usually just the first smoke.

Not really. If your addicted to smoking tobacco your body would be use to it and the buzz effect will be less common than what it was.

It didn't to me - and when I got up to just over 100 a day, I packed it up!

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