is drinking GREEN BEER bad for you?!

Question: Is drinking GREEN BEER bad for you?
i didnt know if food coloring dye can be bad for you if you are consuming alot a large amount in on sitting


DONT DRINK.GREEN BEER ITS LEPRECHAUN PEE ;) but seriously it might turn your mouth green and possibly your urine but other than that ive consumed large amounts of green beer on St Patty's day for the past 6 years this year will be 7 :)

Kiss me I'm Irish

It's a little comical when people worry about the effects of FOOD COLORING on the body when they are consuming ALCOHOL. Hehe sorry, but there's nothing the food coloring will do to harm your body. It's used in many products now. Grab something out of the fridge and it's likely to have a "red no.40" or "yellow no.7" on it. Now as for the alcohol, that is harmful to the body, but you probably already know that.

Food coloring is perfectly safe in any amount that you are ever likely to consume in beer. In large enough doses it can make your urine green -- someone disconcerting -- but otherwise harmless. If you are going to consume so much as for it to more seriously affect your liver or digestive system... you would long ago died from alcohol poisoning.

It's bad for you in the sense that it marks you as a silly person who will do anything the rest of herd does, not because they want to.

The food coloring is safe.

No definitely not, its just food coloring, which is perfectly safe.
Check out my blog...I just posted about beer/st. patties day!

The food coloring comes from natural, edible sources, so it should be safe.

Any type of dye is bad for you, especially depending on how much you consume.

no i should not be bad for you but i would be careful about how much you drink


I drank about 2 gallons of it at a strip bar on St Patty's Day night years ago when I was in the Marines...I did feel pretty poorly the next morning, so you may be on to

All types of alcohol are bad for the health.

it makes your tongue and poop turn green, for the obvious reasons.

Yes because it will cause people to laugh at you.

I hope not I have a couple of pints every March 17th.

yes youll get the runs and bump into the little ppl

i dont really know it could be honey

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