You fave alcoholic drink (simple, preferably just straight from a bottle)?!

Question: You fave alcoholic drink (simple, preferably just straight from a bottle)?
my boss at work buys alcohol and other stuff for the kids who work there including me lol.. were seventeen.. what can I ask for without sounding like an idiot. like a good drink, not vodka because i may as well just drink nailpolish remover. thanks!

and save your breath, no lectures it's just pointless


orange juice! stand up to your morals!

Thai rice whiskey while the still is hot and the condensed hooch is dripping from the spout into a greasy shot glass. That's my favorite. If it's unlikely you'll be coming across any of that stuff, try some Jack Daniel's and drink it neat.

Malibu. That is some delicious coconut rum you can drink by itself or mixed with coke.

Ale, especially stout. Otherwise Russian Standard straight up. Vodka is for real men.

Jagerbombs :)

And as for right out of the bottle, Wild Irish Rose.

Shocktop or Budlight, those are my favorite.

Beers! I love Heinekens


UV blue vodka... How the hell do you not like vodka?

Light beer.

wow why is ur boss buyin u guys alcohol???????????

what is his real intentions if hes tryin to get yall f*ckd up

smh hes weird

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