Why cant we drink at 18?!

Question: Why cant we drink at 18?
Why are we not aloud to buy or consume alcohol at 18?
It doesnt make alot of sense to me.
You can go die in the war for your country, you can vote and you can go to prison but you cant drink?
When did they change the age to 21 and for what damn reason?

I moved to America 3 years ago and I cant understand it. Where i come from your aloud to buy alcohol like beer or wine at 16 and hard liquor like vodka at 18. But therefore we dont drive at 15, but still, what does this country think is wrong with drinking at 18?

And please dont answer that our ability to make decisions is not fully developed yet.Thats bullcraap If that were the case we shouldnt be able to go to prison yet either since we did not know what we were doing.


well maybe YOU cant but us english ppl can.. and its going great lol.

Too many 18 - 20 year olds in the US are immature + irresponsible enough
without the effects of alcohol, it is also an expensive product, and without a
good paying job can be a costly habit especially if drinking outside the home.
(Sports Bar, Athletic Events, etc) Not only that but people CHOOSE to enlist
in the armed forces besides among those few of those are sent to war zones.

Being a responsible adult who is over 21 and seeing alcohol's effect on people.

Although you don't want the "bull crap" answer - unfortunately, I think that's the answer or at least the governments way of thinking!

I guess the way they think is that the older you are, the more responsible decision you will make, which in retrospect is utter crap. I'm sure there are 18 year olds who would make a more responsible and informed decision about drinking than what some 40 year olds would.

Lucky for me, I live in Australia so our legal drinking age is 18.

Because our Government is stuck up their own asses, you can be a pornstar and get gangbanged before you can have a nice cold beer? Yeah, it makes so much sense.


i think they not yet agree that at the age of 18 you must drink..they have reason behind of it..
most important just listen the people who older than you.

Every country's government is different where i live it has been 18 for many years

It makes little sense to me too . if it`s not allowed it seems a more attractive thing for young people to do & will not deter the determined anyway.

I don't know. But for some reason we can go to war at 18 get shot come home and not be able to get a shot.


because alot of young people drink irresponsible

You are too immature to understand what you are doing.

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