are these signs of a HANGOVER!?!?!?!?!

Question: Are these signs of a HANGOVER!?!?!?!?
Okay, So i was at a reception and at the reception their were a bunch of desserts.. without knowing what everything is, i grab one of each... it just so happens that one of the items (that looked like a chocolate sprinkled ball) was actually a Rum Ball... Being 15 and tasting my first bit a rum was ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING... i spit it right out and tried to wash out the flavor with other chocolate cookies, Pepsi, Water... anything i could get my hands on...

now 4 hours later (while watching Inception for the first time) i have a huge migraine with feeling of throwing up, and i just want to lay around, but i dont want to fall asleep... are these signs of a hangover? would it be enough alcohol to have a hangover?


Absolutely not. I think it's unrelated. A hangover happens after you have had a least a few drinks, sometimes it takes people a LOT of drinks and gets completely HAMMERED before having a hangover. I have been drunk with no hangover before. It might be in your head. Or it may be from eating a lot of a lot of sugar. Hope you feel better!

From one "chocolate sprinkled ball"? Uhm, no, thats not possible no matter how susceptible you are to hangovers. I think you are thinking yourself into a "hangover"

People get hangovers after heavy drinking, not 1 piece of candy.

While headaches, and throwing up, are often a part of hangovers, I doubt that you have a hangover from one bite (that you spat out) of a "Rum Ball".

I would imagine that you simply ate too much.

You have not had enough rum to have a hangover. And if the Rum Ball was THAT potent, give me the damn recipe.

you probably ate something bad, I'm sure the rum ball would not cause these symptoms .

There is not enough to get you drunk most of the alcohol baked off if not all of it.

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