Can u smoke preground nutmeg and will it get you higj?!

Question: Can u smoke preground nutmeg and will it get you higj?

2 tablespoons with milk may in theory get you seeing **** in 4 or 5 hours.

yes. Indians used to smoke a very small concentrated dose of nutmeg but its not the same nutmeg thats in our cabinet. ALSO nutmeg, I heard, is more of a longer saliva trip and is very easy to die from even with a little. Don't smoke it, your an absolute idiot if you choose to

The traditional way to get messed up off it is to eat a teaspoon. But it can kill you if you take too much, and from what i've heard, it makes you more ill than high. There is a reason it is not popular to do it.

nope me and my friend tried about 2 tablespoons eaten and smoked a couple bowls and we just got a stomachache nothing else

First learn how to spell high. Second...... You are an idiot!!!

Your life called and told me you were an idiot!

ive heard dried fruit peels can get u high

i think it was a banana or orange

well try it out n let me know which one got u high

I've never heard of smoking nutmeg.

I've heard of this but I don't know much about it. Google it.

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