Is it safe to drink home made alcohol?!

Question: Is it safe to drink home made alcohol?
Recently I have heard that diluting down alcohol containing substances such as Dettol with grape juice can make a cheap tasting wine. I found this information on a site and it said that using ones that only contain the alcohol ethanol is perfectly safe so long as you use the right amount. I am not interested in doing this as I am not so broke that I cant run over to the off licence and pick up a bottle of wine or a 6 pack of beer but I am amazed that some people actually do this, and I just dont get how drinking Dettol isnt harmful to your body... I mean the bottles have the warnings on them such as If consumed, contact your GP and the little orange signs with the black X that say harmful or corrosive. So anyone know anything about it?


I wouldnt try it.

If what you're diluting is pure ethanol then you'd be all right. However, pure ethanol is hard to get unless you have a reason (and maybe a licence) to obtain it. Most ethanol that is readily available is adulterated specifically in order to make it unpalatable and thus difficult to use for making cheap alcoholic drinks in this way. Methylated spirit is a good example of such a product - some people do drink it - but it's not a good idea.

Yuck! If I make alcohol at home, I do it the long way--by fermenting fruit juice and honey. That's certainly the only kind of homemade liquor I'd touch.

Please don't, you will seriously harm yourself.

Why the bother?...

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