Will 8 shots if tequila get you drunk?!

Question: Will 8 shots if tequila get you drunk?
Ya just want to know because I'm 21 and this is my first tome drinking, i had 8 shots of tequila in about an hour, amd I only feel tipsy, I haven't eaten anything and i weigh 120lb,will i start feeling drunk later on?


You'll probably end up puking on your dining-room rug, ya.

The answer is yes !!!! Especially as you have not eaten.
NEVER drink on an empty stomach at any age, also drinking such a large amount of alcohol
in such a short time means you are binge drinking. you will more than likely still be feeling the
effects tomorrow. Silly girl.

ya know i dont drink tequila because i dont get a buzz off of it. its more of a high. tequila is not a good drink its more for taste.

a whole bottle of 1850 100 proof tequila

a) maybe you shouldn't be drinking for breakfast
b) according to your other questions, you are 13
c) if the above were true, you'd be closer to dead than only tipsy
d) stop trolling

you're probably drunk or puking now. but depending on the alcohol content it usually takes me 1/4 to 1/2 of the bottle to be considered drunk

It will make you more than drunk. Please use your own account from now on toots.

Yes if you consume them in less than six hours.

Yes (:

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