Alcohol left out for 5 hours? Its old right?!

Question: Alcohol left out for 5 hours? Its old right?
It was refrigerated, then i passed out for 5 hours, then I put in the fridge again. So its probably old and gross right? :P
I mean I can just go run to the store and by some been its just 2,Four Locos.

So just a small little answer would be very helpful, t
Thank you :)


Alcohol doesn't go bad, regardless of whether you refridgerate it or not.
Refridgeration just makes is COLD.

it depends on the conditions of the room but since its that you should probably throw it away but if its liquor and stuff stored in in a cool place like a cellar the older the better :P

Well, it really depends on the room temperature and humidity of the area you put your alcohol in. It also depends whether the alcohol beverage is open or still closed..


Hard liquor should be fine but for beers and stuff i would throw it away

It should be fine drink up

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