What are some good drinks?...?!

Question: What are some good drinks?...?
Omg I tried the "NUVO" and it is delicious!... I'm not ...or I wasn't really into alcohol till I tried it!...and I also tried the hypnotik before and I like it too with diet coke!... do u know of any drinks that taste similar to these 2! Lol cuz beer...ill!... lol thanx!


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Champagne mixed with OJ


I just had this at a bachelorette party. It's good.

Also, I had a vodka from Pennicle (I think) but it was whipped cream flavored


I don't particularly think I would drink them on lots of occasions or all night b/c I'm not much for 'girly' drinks, but they sound like something you would like and they aren't completely disgusting. =)

The whipped cream vodka doesn't sound like it would be good, trust me I thought I'd puke right when I took a drink but it's really is good, in coke it just taste like vanilla coke or like coke mixed with cream soda.

God wants you to drink milk and water.
God is disapointed that you tried wine.
God loves you!
God wants to keep you safe and healthy.

Bacardi Grand Melon. Mix it with Sprite or Mt. Dew.

Amaretta sour


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