Cops took my gun cause i was drunk?!

Question: Cops took my gun cause i was drunk?
I was drunk and making a scene at the bar and the cops found my gun and took it away cause they said i was too drunk to have it. I didn't get arrested or anything, but do you think I can get it back from them? Will they arrest me if I go to try to get it?


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Well #1 make sure you are sober first! You'll probably have to go to court with a lot of red tape and a big fine I'd say! If you don't have a permit then you probably have much less of a chance since you were illegally carrying it anyway. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!

it is legal to carry a gun with a permit. it is also illegal to carry your gun into a bar or while you are under the influence. so keep that in mind.. and if you want to get it back you should check with the police station.

You will probably pay some fine for it. Go there to find out. If the gun is legally licensed under your name. I'm pretty sure you can get it back. But be sure youre sober when you talk to the Police! lol ;)

God is very glad that they took your gun away.

How dare they!!! The nerve, go to the station and demand your gun back!!

Someone tries to take my strap, someone gets blasted the fukkk out.

Yeh ain't gittin' back

guns are stupid... glad they took it

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