How many shots of vodka would give a good buzz?!

Question: How many shots of vodka would give a good buzz?
134 pound female... dont ask age :p

I've drank before but friends have mixed drinks so I don't know how much vodka goes into them...
I need a set amount. dont want to get drunk at all, I just need to be confident, smooth, and in control for something thats coming up (not in a partying sense)
thank you


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Take 3 and you'll feel the effects.

In order to be in control and not socially awkward at any event, I normally take a dozen shots to start out, and be sure to not use chaser or eat anything, that just takes away from the effects. If you are still able to stand, I would suggest to take a shot every 10 minutes until you are not able to sit in a chair or control your bladder. Then you can be confident that you will be popular because you will be "that girl" at the party and the focus of everyone's attention. You're welcome.

Two Shots maximum straight up. It really depends on your body though. Of course, I've had up to 5 shots of Tequila (straight up) and still retained the ability to instant message friends and not have them suspect I've had a single drink. It sometimes seems like the more a person uses their brain when they aren't drunk, the easier it is for them to make sense when they are drunk.

BE VERY CAREFUL, VODKA IS SUPER STRONG, you should probably only have one shot at a time, and then see how you feel, and see if you want to drink more, if not, just some weed, and you'll be happy.

AA meetings

I had 10 once and was absolutely hammered- never again.
I'd say a 2-3? Would make you seem a bit confident. Tops 5.

I'm a 134 pound female too. (:

3. 5 shots for me and I'm pleasantly drunk. Any more and its even better up to a maximum of 8.

I'd say about 6/7


just a good buzz, 3 but dont take them back to back to back. chase with orange juice or lemonade.

i would say two shots should do the trick.


depends on how often you drink and what your alcohol tolerance is..3 or 4 should make you feel good

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