My mom drinks a bottle of wine every night. Is she an alcoholic?!

Question: My mom drinks a bottle of wine every night. Is she an alcoholic?
Every night (or almost every night), my mom downs an entire bottle of wine by herself. I am very concerned that she has a drinking problem. Plus, whenever she goes out to eat or goes out with friends, she has to get tipsy or drunk because she thinks "everyone elses is doing it". I'm worried that she is going to hurt her health (she already has high BP) or she's going to get a DUI. What do you guys think and what should I do?


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Yes she is! I'd check under her bed and behind the couch for more bottles and if you find them in odd locations get her some help. Sounds to me that she's trying to avoid reality for some odd reason.

I'm not sure if she has a dependency on drink as I think she would have to be drinking every night but either way she is putting herself at a massive health risk. I do know how you feel though my parents used to drink too much and my dad now has health complications because of it. If you feel you can talk to her try that, it might be that there is a reason she is drinking so frequently, like a stressful job maybe? Other than that maybe try and get her to see a doctor if she doesn't cut back soon she could be storing health problems up for the future.

Yes, she's probably an alcoholic.

There isn't a whole lot you can do, but I'd strongly suggest checking out Al-Anon or Alateen (online, or even find meetings or people to talk to in your area). Those are groups associated with Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) for the relatives of alcoholics, and exist to help them deal with their alcoholic family member.
They will have strategies for you, and just support of various kinds:

And if you or your mom don't like the "higher-power" thing (though individual small groups of AA or other 12-step programs will differ), there are other groups that help alcoholics without that aspect included or relied on:…

It could be that her drinking is just depression and that it would improve if she got that dealt with (counseling of various kinds ), but she needs to do *something.*

that's tough,a couple of glasses of wine might even help your bp.and a bottle of wine is equal to about 3 beers so i don't think its major unless she starts doing more

Definitely a functional alcoholic

for now ,,,,,, but she has a problem

I would definitely say so. If she cannot go without even a glass of wine a day then she needs help.

challenge her to go a week without a drink.Make it light hearted for a small wager of some kind.I'm betting she can't do it ..sorry

tell her you are concerned for her health and to get help... fast!

i her home?

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