Generic or Well Whiskey?!

Question: Generic or Well Whiskey?
If I walked up to a bartender and asked for a rum and coke, they'd just give me whatever well rum they had. I wouldn't have to say a specific brand unless I wanted to go top shelf. Is the same true for things like whiskey? I mean, would I have to specify a whiskey brand (like Jack Daniels) or could I just say "whiskey neat" and assume there is a well equivalent like with rum or vodka?


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If you just ask for "Rum" or "Whisky" or "Gin", you will usually get the house brand, unless the barman already knows your preference (ie a regular).
If you want a specific spirit, you need to ask for it by name. ie Lambs 101, Glenmorangie or Plymouth Gin.
Incidentally, if you ask for "Coke", the bar staff are legally required to supply branded "coca-cola" not any other generic "cola mix". or "Pepsi".

If I were your bartender, and you asked for a "rum and coke", I would have to ask..dark or light..if you said light, I would ask "Bacardi, or house"..but since you appear to be American, I guess you can`t have Bacardi, can you..

Same with Whisky (or as you yanks call it Whiskey, same pronunciation but Whisky is "Scotch", others can be US, Irish, Canadian or even Jap) do you want Scotch or domestic, if you said Scotch, ...bleended or single Malt..if you said Malt..well, I have 3000 or so to choose from..

It`s best to do some research before just dropping into a bar and making a chump of yourself by not knowing what to ask for

unless you specify the type of liquor you want by name, you will always get the bottom shelf liquor. Some establishments will have a better quality bottom shelf brand than others, so it pays to know your local bar!

to big h - why wouldn't americans be able to get bacardi? it is a very common brand (albeit a good brand) in these united states. where are you from?just curious....

Yes. Always specify what you want. There are some bars where I wont order a liquor if they dont have one up to my standards.

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