how long does alcohol stay in your body?!

Question: How long does alcohol stay in your body?
how many days?


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The halfway house i stayed at could detect it in a U.A. up to 48 hours after consumption.It pobley also depends how much you drank, if you drank enough to knock out a whole football team then maybe longer

This question has a variable answer. It depends on the individual's body and how fast they can process alcohol. Blood alcohol levels can rise up to two hours after the last drink in some people. Others can be completely sober after 3 hours from their last drink.

The only time the alcohol level really matters if your being stopped by a cop. The reading they take at that moment is the only one they'll care about.

it depends on what you eat, how much you drink, your weight, and how your body processes it. certain foods help keep it in your system longer. while if you only have a few drinks and then stop and sleep 8 hours with a fast metabolism it may be out of your system by morning. you would have to figure out the percent of alcohol taken it, body fat percent, and rate of metabolism. or just go by a lil test they sell now that tells you if you are above the driving limit.

After alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream it leaves the body in two ways. A total of about ten percent leaves through the breath, perspiration, and urine. The remainder is broken down through the process known as metabolism.

it depends upon how much you drink at a mean time.....
generally if you drink at night and go to bed for sleep the alcohol will be no more in the body after you wake up next morning......but it depends on you how much you are getting drunk...

Depends on your gender, weight, metabolism, how much and what you drink ->

You should wait until of legal drinking age and responsible for the consequences.

i think its more than 8 hours my son is a trucker and if he is driving the next day he will not take a drink the night before


your body metabolizes 1 drink per hour as in 1 beer, 1 shot...

in my opinion it will stay in our body for two days

48 hours to be save.

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