17 years old...driking problem?!

Question: 17 years old...driking problem?
like most teenagers i go to parties every weekend. At these parties there is obviosuly drinking.. Everyone drinks at them. I like drinking because i am a little shy and i just feel more comfortable drinking. i also feel like if i don't i would be bored because everyone else is drunk. most kids say they want to get so drunk.. i don't, i just want to be a little tipsy. sometimes during the week i say i wont drink but i always ending up ddrinking. i only drink one fourlok or something little, i never drink too much. does this sound like a drinking problem or just teenage fun?


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I don't think you have a problem.. but quit drinking on week days.. you shouldn't even be drinking anyway. *Alcoholism

hi i just graduated DARE today and i would say you should always rremember this DEfine: think about your problem assess: think about your choices respond choose the best idea and finally evaluate is this the right choice? just remember that and have faith and good luck

DARE graduate today

hmm..... Let me think of an answer... how about...

Don't drink in the first place!!!!?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????… Your seventeen!!!! O_O

I hate the people with wair.because I don't like the smell

Even though it may seem like a little bit to you, it is dangerous and should be avoided. You are still a developing CHILD, and alcohol is worse than cigarettes AND marijuana. The consequences you will face later in life from the "fun" that you had when you are a teen are not worth it. It's very easy to get addicted.

Four Loko's potential danger comes from mixing caffeine and alcohol. When alcohol and caffeine are combined, people have reported a reduction of the sensations typically associated with alcohol; this is believed to be a result of caffeine counteracting the depressive effects and keeping the individual more alert. However, when the caffeine wears off the person feels the full effects of the alcohol. This can lead to excess consumption of alcohol because the delayed feeling of drunkenness leads an individual to seek additional alcohol to obtain the same sensations as those found in previous encounters.

A study done at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida, found that students who mixed caffeine and alcohol thought they were capable of driving more often than those who drank decaffeinated alcoholic drinks.

It doesn't sound like a drinking problem.... yet. But, please read the link below.

I bid you well.


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