Did Cocaine make me think I don't like Cocaine?!

Question: Did Cocaine make me think I don't like Cocaine?
Is this drug this messed up?
I took over half a gram of Cocaine (in around 5 hours) a while ago for the first time and I remember telling my friends who had taken cocaine lodes of times before...

-I can't really feel it.

-I don't like this as much as Mephedrone (something that none of them had tried and all wished they had).

-Cocaine is pretty much nothing.

Now I realized that Cocaine make you feel proud of yourself. Did the Cocaine I take actually
have such a big effect on me that I made myself proud by saying that I didn't like it? Therefore happy?

Did it actually effect me that much that I didn't even realize what it did to me?

The cocaine was real as my other 6 friends who take it regularly really liked it.

But seriously if Cocaine did make me truly believe I didn't like Cocaine to make me think I have more self control than others and make me feel like I was the only one who had tried something "better" than it is really freaky what it can do to you.


idk ive never tried it but i just got 100 dollars and i wanna try to find some. maybe u just didnt wanna admit it was better. we have a natural something in us that makes us want to defend stuff. like i stand up for my school against its rival even when i know they both suck.

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