can irish cream get anybody drunk?!

Question: Can irish cream get anybody drunk?
or are all these evening coffees just in vain?


The coffee is probably counteracting it.

That depends, is what you're using made by Bailey's or Coffeemate? You can definitely get drunk on Bailey's, I have a birthday on St Patrick's Day every year so I've done it a few times.

***Trixie is right;, caffeine and alcohol don't mix well. You're not getting less drunk though, you're just feeling it less.

I once had Irish Cream flavoured Ice Cream in Napier (a New Zealand town),as a kid which most definitely, doesn't get you drunk. I wonder if they sell it at that place? cause if it made you drunk, then I most certainly would not be allowed it. I was around 13 or 14 though, so not that young really. It tasted like Bailey's which is what ape mentioned. And yes too much Bailey's can get you feeling drunk!

Bailey's has 17% alcohol so it should if you drink enough of it.
Drink it on the rocks, instead of in coffee where you are just wasting it, if you want a buzz.

I used to do shots of homemade Irish Cream with my family at Christmas time. It certainly worked for me.

In a drink it's good. Can't get you drunk but alone...ugh! To much gives me heartburn and it's just to heavy on your stomach (jmo).

you just need more irish cream and less coffee. like i use less coffee and more kahlua or rum. the rum works well.

NO, its too filling to drink enough of it to get you drunk

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