whats the strongest types of weed?!

Question: Whats the strongest types of weed?
avalable in southern calfioria without a licince


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Dandelions are impossible to get rid of.

Pretty much the same strains that are available with a license. Those same strains are available with and without licenses, depends on who you know. I have heard it is very easy to get prescriptions in California though.

You may findd this link very useful.


Money doesn't grow on trees, but happiness grows on bushes.

Northern Lights is the mainstream stand by. But, whatever you do, stay away from the "Brown Bomber"....its alot like Purple Haze x Choclate #7 mixed with Exlax....not good.

jack hare weed is love.
oh and bubba kush


It is pinaple express mr steinley

dont smoke it and it wont matter what the best kind it:)

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