How long for alcohol to leave the system?!

Question: How long for alcohol to leave the system?
I have work tomorrow and i've had about 7 double Brandy's, how many hours 'theoretically' would it take to be out of my system? If I was to stop now...


Drink as much water, gatorade, and/or tomato juice as you can and get a good night's sleep
The water will rehydrate you
The gatorade and tomato juice will replenish lost vitamins in your system
The sleep is a no brainer
It could take anywhere from 24-36 hours for all of the alcohol to be fully out of your system

My brain

It takes a few hours 8-12 usually, remember to drink water so youdont become dehydrated

Plan on calling in sick. You have to be re-hydrated before you can sober up.

Life eperience

Drink three pints of water and get 8hrs sleep,ready for anything !

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