What is a bottle of wine that will keep well for 10 years?!

Question: What is a bottle of wine that will keep well for 10 years?
As a wedding gift for my soon to be brother and sister in law, I want to get them some wine. I will get them a bottle to drink now and one with specific instructions and a note for them to open on their 10th wedding anniversary. What is a good wine that i should buy? Any suggestions appreciated


anything that's not OTC (over the counter, as in, cheap crap from grocery outlets, trader joes, drug stores/pharmacies... and wine shops that have products from the very companies that mass produce.. the major brands we all know and hate..)

if you can.. go to a wine cellar... wine consort/shop.. in your region.. and see what they got.. and if they got local wines GREAT!
the smaller 'houses' have better stuff that's better made.

and the best way to preserve a wine is to store is appropriately.. a cool, dark place where the temperature is level and constant.. and the storage is DRY!

it's best to find a place that supports local wineries... and exotic labels... no, they're affordable also.

It has to be a red, and it must be properly stored or it'll be vinegar, no matter what you buy. Ask your local vintner for his recommendation based on how much you're willing to spend per bottle.

Any good red wine will last 10 years. A good Cabernet Sauvignon would be excellent. Be sure to tell them to store the bottle on its side so the cork doesn't dry out (though that might not be a problem for just 10 years).

A quality port will always age well.

Pinot noir , a full flavor red wine . Store at 68 degrees . should be great in 10 years

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