Will inhaling vodka get you drunk?!

Question: Will inhaling vodka get you drunk?
I heard of snorting vodka but i'm not about to do up some vodka like that. Is it the straw or the nasals that make a difference? Is it the air/vodka/straw combo that does it? Or does it absorb up the nose? What i'm getting at is. If i put some vodka in a "water pipe" with a percolating stem and 2 percolating chambers going up. I'm not going to smoke through it. Just air. Inhale normally. Will it do it? Will i have to rig it up to take a rip through the nose? Or a good ol burning of the nose?


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Why don't you just drink it like a normal Russian! :D

My brain

do not do thattt its the most painful thing and it give you a bit of a rush but i think thats just adrenaline. dont do it its not f*cking painfuulll, it shoots up your face and stings so baad and goes to your eyes and temples and ughh gawdd it just hurts. if youv ever had alcohol poured in your eyes at all (F*CK IT HUURTSS) it hurts your eyes like that but worse and your head stings baad

Why not just drink it? Inhaling it versus drinking it will net the same effects on your breath. If you can't handle the burn, then why would you want it in your lungs or in your nose?

If you could seperate the alcohol from the water, and inhale the alcohol. Yes, the alcohol will get into your bloodstream.

u need to inhale the vapor or u can go iv lol

or like everyone else and drink it

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